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Clear. Concise. Actionable.

Spring Hill Strategies is a strategic research and communications firm that provides intelligence, due diligence, and research-based consulting to the political, government, and non-profit sectors. We combine proven methodologies and years of experience with a communications-first lens to deliver clear, concise, actionable support geared to today's news cycle and tactics.

Founded by Phil Munson, a former senior research advisor to the DCCC, DSCC, American Bridge, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, our counsel is backed by over a decade of experience on battleground campaigns, high-profile independent expenditures, and Capitol Hill. We create insightful analysis that considers context, hones in on what matters, and informs strategic decision making.

We believe good research is only as good as the impact it has - that is why we match our analytical work with unparalleled client services and always design our products to be readily implemented in earned and paid media, digital, mail, polling, rapid response, and strategic planning. With a track record of utilizing political research to shape the narrative, protect principals, and foster accountability, our work helps clients broadly integrate findings and leverage them to maximum effect.




Self Research

It is critical to have a firm handle on your record, your vulnerabilities, and how they can be exploited by your opposition.

We have over a decade of experience crafting clear-eyed self research assessments that identify vulnerabilities, develop strong counterarguments, and inform compelling positive messaging. Our analysis and counsel prepare clients to effectively respond to attacks so that they can spend less time playing defense and more time telling their story. We will work with your team to create a research solution that will inform your strategy and fit your budget.

Opposition Research

You need to understand your opponent's record and rhetoric to build a successful strategy to undercut their messaging and define them.

We have worked on hundreds of projects, from deep dives on career politicians and business executives to targeted investigations of legal filings, property records, and corporate influence. Utilizing open source intelligence techniques, we analyze personal, political, and professional records to uncover ethical and political vulnerabilities. Our research reports weave our findings into clear, concise, actionable narratives ready to be leveraged by your entire operation.

IE Support

The scrutiny on political media today makes a strong research operation more important than ever to independent expenditure organizations.

With multiple cycles of experience working with some of the the biggest IEs in the country, we have a keen understanding of IE research needs and the ability to deliver on IE timelines. Our oversight helps clients minimize risk while producing an aggressive program. Whether you need polling memos, support for your research team, a veteran researcher to plug into your organization, or all of the above, we have the experience to provide steady support.

Due Diligence

Somebody else's problems can easily become your own if you do not have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our efficient, affordable due diligence and vetting services give clients the perspective they need on potential donors, partners, staff, political appointees, or Community Project Funding requests. We analyze public records, criminal history, civil filings, news, and social media to identify items that could be politically or reputationally problematic. Our work helps clients make better decisions, stay on message, and avoid unforced errors.

Strategic Analysis

Sometimes you just need a clear assessment of your self or opposition research assets and how to make the most of them.

We provide editorial and methodological reviews of research books and other assets - good, bad, and incomplete - to determine how to best utilize them, find their shortcomings, and identify the most promising avenues for further research. This is a good solution for clients dealing with previously vetted entities or those seeking to audit their research needs before committing precious dollars to a project that could be addressed in a more targeted, affordable way.

Team Building 

Time is a researcher's most valuable asset, so it is critical that they plan effectively, work efficiently, and communicate proactively.

We have a track record of building impactful research programs from the ground up by implementing best practices and developing strong teams. We can identify and vet staff for your research team, and we provide custom research, media monitoring, and due diligence trainings. For key projects and critical times, we can bolster a research operation by expanding your team's capacity, providing specialized expertise, and managing complex problems.

Phil Munson

Founder & Principal

Phil is a veteran political research professional with over a decade of strategic research and communications experience on battleground campaigns, high-profile independent expenditures, and Capitol Hill. A former senior research advisor for the DCCC, DSCC, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and American Bridge, he has built his career crafting top-flight research programs and products that make an impact.

Phil has advised dozens of Democratic campaigns and organizations on deploying opposition research, identifying and addressing self research issues, and developing aggressive paid and earned media strategies. His counsel has helped campaigns and IEs make smart decisions on tight timelines, avoid unforced errors, and exploit vulnerabilities.


Phil's research findings have resulted in numerous news stories in the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and many other national and local outlets. His work has formed the backbone for multiple paid and earned media campaigns that have held opponents accountable and helped get Democrats elected across the country.

Phil founded Spring Hill Strategies to deliver clear, concise, actionable strategic research support that gives progressive campaigns and causes the tools and intelligence that they need to make informed decisions, advance their messaging goals, and achieve success.

​​​Phil is originally from Somerville, MA. He currently resides in Washington, DC with his wife and their two cats.

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